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Let’s See If I Can Finish This One: Weight Loss Program

My mother finally gave up on trying to make me work out on my own. She went and bought me a static bike. It’s a 16-program bike with heart rate monitor on the handles. Four of the programs are user customizable. The bike accepts inputs of program number, excercise time, and user age. I guess the age thing is to calculate the target heart rate.

Anyways, I found a perfect program for me, Program 4: Fat Burn. It’s perfect because it starts out easy, spends a third of the time medium-hard, then ease down again. I made the first User Custom program like this, but lowered the final third a notch, so it’s even easier at the end.

Right. So, the target is 7km, 200cal for a 30-minute workout. I’ve done this for the past two weeks, Monday to Friday, at night time before bed, so I’m finally comfortable enough to put this here. Final goal…maybe a 10kg loss? That won’t take me out of the Overweight category, but it’ll lower my Body Mass Index to the middle of it instead of dangerously close to Obese.

On my last run, I reached 7.6km, 208.9cal. After a week or so, I consistently reached past my target. Perhaps it’s due time to set a higher target? I’m thinking probably 7.5km, 210cal. I reached past 210cal once, but I remember it was a rather cool night, and I was kinda pushing myself. I don’t think I can do it on a typical night.

That said, my last run didn’t feel as tiring as my previous ones. Perhaps because I skived excercise the previous two nights? Or my legs are getting stronger? The cal count confirms that I spent the normal amount of calories, but for some reason I don’t sweat as much. Perhaps because it was a cloudy night.

Either way, let’s see if I can finish this. Current target remains: 7km, 200cal. Current goal: 10kg decrease.

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